1-Do i gain weight back if i stop?

No, we provide you with a plan to maintain your results, and as long as you dont fall back to bad eating habits.

2-Do i have to buy every month?

No, even tho we provide amazing pricing offers and help you save a lot of money in other areas to ensure you can sustain your healthy lifestyle, is up to you to continue, we will never charge you automatically.

3-Do i have to sell products?

Being a distributor is totally optional, we don’t force or require in any way that you sell products or find clients for us, even tho we would always apprecciate a referal if you feel satisfied with our service.

4-Are the Products Expensive ?

We provide programs that help you save money on groceries, and eating out so you can reinvest your savings into your program, Now, Herbalife is not expensive at all, but is not a cheap product either, its the highest quality of supplements in the nutrition industry globally, and the best one to trust it will benefit your health.

5-I Dont Have time

Not having time is the best reason why you need to get on the program, if you really want to have more time, less coocking, quick preparation, take it on the go, travel friendly.